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2018 is an exciting year for Branson’s Haunted Screampark.

One of the creators of “The Darkness” and “Creepyworld, two world famous haunted houses in St. Louis, MO has brought his creations to Branson’s Haunted Screampark. Don’t miss out on experiencing an extremely thrilling haunt this year.

For 2018 zombies have invaded our park, and you will see them haunting you around every corner. This year’s Branson’s Haunted Screampark will feature many more monsters waiting to scare you. This will be our most frightening year yet!

We are featuring many theme nights this year, when you can get special offers, discounts, and other fun activities at the haunt. Check out our theme night link. Also available are “blood tickets”, which are given to people who donate blood to local blood banks.

We have added a few more nights to our calendar, giving you even more nights to come back for more frights!

A frightfully fun comedy special was filmed using the haunted house sets at Branson’s Haunted Screampark. Check out this page each Friday for a new episode in October. There have also been many model shoots done too. We will post some of these pics throughout October.

Stay tuned for more Haunt News coming soon…